Re: Thought on a level-less and class-less system

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Date: 01/18/02

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  I had in mind where you take the knight
> profession but you still can learn thief skills, just at a higher cost.
> could also learn magic, provided you customized and took magery advantage.
> Now, would that still be a class system as defined by the current systems?
> Or could that be considered class-less?  Words can be vague and
> I guess one has to examine what do people mean when they say class-less or
> level-less.
> As for being open-ended, I had in mind where you could increase your stats
> but it gets harder and harder to increase your stat or skill to the next
> point.  I'm not sure if this is necessarily a good or bad idea.  I am on a
> mud that has the remort system and stats that can go as high as 500.
> (really expensive but doable and time-consuming).  I guess it's a system
> just like any other.  One can only come up with a system and hope that the
> game is fun enough that people want to play. :)
> Gerald Florence (Septe)
Well, all of that sounds very good but a classless and level less
system as far as I have seen is
kind of like this:
1. don't even claim a class or race
everybody is the same thing.
2. you don't even base skills/spells
on levels, base the abilities to
learn/use them on dice rolls
3. when learning a skill/spell the cost is more
expensive as you go along *the more xp you get*

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