Re: [META] A new age, a new way of doing things.

From: Jason Pay (
Date: 01/18/02

This mailing list is great, you don't ever miss anything.
No need for a board.

The only thing I don't like about this list is the amount
of flaming, patronising, nit-picking etc that goes on.

Otherwise I look forward to reading thru the mails I get
from this list.

There appears to be many knowledgeable ppl contributing
to this list but its a shame that these same ppl appear
to be the ones doing all the flaming, patronising,
nit-picking etc.

My Opinion:

Questions like 'how do I install/configure' are not
really appropriate for this list as they really covered
to great lengths in the readme files in the distributions.
BUT - 'refer to the faq/wtfaq/readme' should be all that's
needed as a reply, rather than a lengthy flame or put-down.

There are questions that are sort of reasonable but the
person should really be able to work out by themselves maybe!
Can these questions be asked with the expectation of getting
a reasonable answer? an example of this could be 'has anyone
tried a particular patch? and had it patch worked without
modification/manual patching? (I asked this question and got
flamed) (btw I now know that patches don't always work
although I haven't had any fail apart from the one I asked
about, so wont be asking that sort of question again :)

Then there's questions that I think the knowledgeable
ppl on here want to see, questions like 'what is wrong with
my code?' (hopefully containing the code in question).

but as we are not all superhuman's or geneius's, who have been
programming in C for decades, ppl sometimes ask for answers
to what, to the superhuman, is a stupid question.

A bit off the track but just wanted to add my 2 cents.



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