Re: [META] A new age, a new way of doing things.

From: Zerin (
Date: 01/18/02

This conversation wasn't to turn you from this mailing
list to a message board, if I had wanted a message
board I would have made one with some of these other
admins of muds I know and put it on Goggle or
something. What this conversation showed is that there
are still intellagant posts out there, and we still
can post intellagently.  You see all of the responses
on this subject got proper attention and where replied
to in a manner that is acceptable to any respected
mailing list community. For you see it may be a good
idea but it has its ups and downs which I truly
explaned to everyone, then Alex and other people
properly responded with proper quotes and etc.

For you see, anyone out there that does not know
how to post right is to scared to, this was the
way to to ask/reply.

On another subject, I was serious about a message
board.  Heh, but the response is overwelming to
let the spam continue.

"The bard that could"

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