Re: Adding Levels (redux)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/19/02

> Oh ya for the exp. It's 1000 exp to the next level each level. I tried
> advancing a char to level 103 but it stops at level 34? Did I do something
> wrong? Also one other question how do I give an immortal OLC commands. Like
> for instance I made a Trainee Immortal. How do I give him OLC commands and
> up. Cause as of what I know only God
> Positions and above can use OLC commands.

        Advance advances a character by means of the gain_exp function.
The gain_exp function, in turn, performs a quick calculation - it looks in
your chart and takes the exp value required to be at the desired level,
subtracts the current exp of the victim, and then gives that amount of exp
to the victim (which causes them to level).

        This is peachy, and the source of your trouble.

        Look through your exp charts again, make sure that they are in
ascending order.  My bet is that they aren't, or they're incomplete, or
they're broken.

        (side note, shouldn't level_exp() not return a magic number like
123456?  That's an actual valid number, and while it shouldn't be reached
if the tables are set up properly, isn't there some better way to do it so
the calling function knows it erred?  Like -1?)

        The other, giving OLC commands can be done in two ways, easy and

The easy way (which most people do) is to set the level of the OLC command
in interpreter.c.

The hard way (the way I prefer) is to make most wizard-level commands
grantable, so you can use them regardless of level.  That's too hard for
you to do, though there may be patches floating around out there, I don't
remember them specifically.  They'd probably have a mismatch with your
setup anyway, and if I remember right, you've already had problems with

        On the other hand, you may be talking about zone permissions, in
which case the default oasis install (from what I remember) allows you to
set exactly 1 zone per person.  Use the 'set' command to 'set <player
name> olc <zone number'.


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