Re: [Newbie] Display question

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/19/02

> Ok, I'm using circle mud bp17 with Oasis OLC.  I also have implemented the
> easy color code where you just use the &R, &4 &f, etc. code to put color in
> there.
> This is currently what my prompt looks like
> &R****/****H&n &W****/****M&n &C****/****V&n >
> where the **** are however many points you have for
> hitpoints/maxhit/mana/maxmana, etc.
> It works fine, except when I hit enter, with no commands it gives me the
> source code so to speak of the prompt like this:
> &R5000/5000H&n &W5000/5000M&n &C5000/5000V&n >
> I was wondering if there was a way to fix this
> When I hit enter with no commands, I would like it to just be a normal
> prompt.  Could this be a cause of my color code? or a wrong piece of source
> code somewhere?

        Hm. If it's only when you don't type a command, that's curious -
check and insure that your 'make_prompt()' function is always running the
color embedding function of your choice.  Calls to make_prompt() only
happen in comm.c, and they only happen twice (in the version I'm looking
at).  Your specific error should be quick and easy to track down.

        Just remember, by default (even with color codes installed) the
prompt is usually never passed through the color parser.  You're lucky
because apparently it only doesn't do that when you hit return by
itself... that means you find the 'good' case, and just copy the code :)


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