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> Ok, I'm using circle mud bp17 with Oasis OLC.  I also have implemented the
> easy color code where you just use the &R, &4 &f, etc. code to put color
> there.
> This is currently what my prompt looks like
> &R****/****H&n &W****/****M&n &C****/****V&n >
> where the **** are however many points you have for
> hitpoints/maxhit/mana/maxmana, etc.
> It works fine, except when I hit enter, with no commands it gives me the
> source code so to speak of the prompt like this:
> &R5000/5000H&n &W5000/5000M&n &C5000/5000V&n >
> I was wondering if there was a way to fix this
> When I hit enter with no commands, I would like it to just be a normal
> prompt.  Could this be a cause of my color code? or a wrong piece of
> code somewhere?

Try using the ansi codes (like "\x1B[1;31m" for bold red) instead of the
easycolour codes. That should solve your problem, only users cannot switch
it on or off anymore. That should be reasonably easy to fix though.
So in your case it should be something like
\x1B[1;31m****/****H\x1B[0;0m \x1B[0;37m****/****M\x1B[0;0m
\x1B[0;36m****/****V\x1B[0;0m >

Look in color.c for more of these codes.

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