[CODE] levels and advance

From: rusty_81 (rusty_81@msn.com)
Date: 01/19/02

I have a code question...
I am trying to use circle30bpl20 and when
I added levels I took the stock 34
levels and added 6 more
as a test before I went hog wild
and added lots more. Well
when I try to use advance to top level
on a test char it wont work.

All i get is when i type
advance test 40 all i get is
i type who and get:
[30 War] Test the warrior.
[40 War ] Ramax is here he thinks

In any case for some reason all of the classes seem to
have their max levels that are all
different from each other. I
modified all of the required stuff in class.c
and also in structs.h but
what i dont know is if i have to redo the
save_throw/breath/throw and so on?
and if so how many entry points should I add to them?

I didnt know if i should add to that or not. *sigh*
let me know.....

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