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Date: 01/19/02

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> > I added levels I took the stock 34
> > levels and added 6 more
> > as a test before I went hog wild
> > and added lots more. Well
> > when I try to use advance to top level
> > on a test char it wont work.
> >
> > In any case for some reason all of the classes seem to
> > have their max levels that are all
> > different from each other.
>         98% of the problems people have with levels is that they didn't
> update the experience point tables (or did so incorrectly).
>         Make sure you locate the experience point tables, and verify that
> they are in ascending order.  If they are not, you will not be able to
> advance so very far.  Keep in mind that each class has their own tables,
> so you'll have to update ALL of them.
I checked the exp tables and all of them have the right order and stuff
but i didnt know if i had to update the save_throw tables
and stuff..... sigh
like for example save_throw for mage has 40 or so cases
and stuff like that... do i need to change that too?

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