Re: [Newbie] Copyover

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/19/02

> > Circlemud:  Bpl17 with OasisOlc.
> > OS:         Win 2K
> > Compiled w/:Cygwin
> >
> > Ok, I seem to have installed the copyover patch correctly for CircleMud
> > bpl17 with stock.diff (from the circlemud website under utils).  When I
> > finished installing correctly I had no compilation errors or warnings.  I
> > loaded up my mud, tried copyover (with no changes to source code) and then
> > I made some changes to my source code saved them and tried copyover again.
> > It said it did a copyover but you couldn't see any of the changes in the
> > source code.
> >
> > My questions are:
> > Is this something I can fix with copyover?
> > or
> > Am I misinterpreting what copyover does and it doesn't recompile the source
> > code, if so how could I fix it so I could.
> >
> > Thanks for any help anyone could provide.
> > If you need more information that what I provided just let me know.wW
> You need to recompile yourself and replace the executable. Copyover
> just keeps people connected while the mud reboots.
        Don't forget that windows doesn't like the removal of a currently
running executable; you won't be able to recompile the mud and replace the
'currently busy' file.  So, you'll have to get your copyover to do a set
of annoying little tricks, where you oscilate between one of two currently
running binaries.  Inorder that the makefile works, you'll also probably
have a seperate 'most recent' binary. .... gets annoying.

        You'll do something like this; main program stores it's first
argument (the name of the binary)  in some accessable fashion. Copyover
runs, and copies the 'circle.default' file to the other run name - lets
say it's circle_1.  Then it runs on that file.

        So, each time, you copy over the default one to the 'other' circle
binary.  It's a pain, but *shrugs*.

        As an aside, I'm not entirely sure if the cygwin environment
allows you to perform a copyover correctly, but it may.


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