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From: Artovil (
Date: 01/19/02

At 13:40 2002-01-19 -0500, you wrote:
>Circlemud:  Bpl17 with OasisOlc.
>OS:         Win 2K
>Compiled w/:Cygwin
>Ok, I seem to have installed the copyover patch correctly for CircleMud
>bpl17 with stock.diff (from the circlemud website under utils).  When I
>finished installing correctly I had no compilation errors or warnings.  I
>loaded up my mud, tried copyover (with no changes to source code) and then
>I made some changes to my source code saved them and tried copyover again.
>It said it did a copyover but you couldn't see any of the changes in the
>source code.
>My questions are:
>Is this something I can fix with copyover?
>Am I misinterpreting what copyover does and it doesn't recompile the source
>code, if so how could I fix it so I could.
>Thanks for any help anyone could provide.
>If you need more information that what I provided just let me know.wW

Copyover works like this: when you run the copyover command from within the
mud it "freezes" all the people connected to it, then it fires up another
instance of the server "on top of" the old server, and this new instance
inherits the pid of the old server, and then it simply reconnects all the
people that were connected to the mud.

Some might call that a "hot" reboot.

So, if you compile the mud while it is running, or perhaps change a
worldfile, or don't want a change to save, and want to reboot without
disconnecting people, you use copyover.

I hope that cleared things up a little.

Kind regards,

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