Re: [Newbie] Display question

From: Josh Harris (jharris2@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: 01/19/02

I messed up when pasting this, I pasted the part I was trying.
In this part it was an i to begin with, I changed that while pasting to see
if it would work.

   proc_color(i + 2, (clr(t->character, C_NRM)));

so in my code before and after trying that it is:

   proc_color(i, (clr(t->character, C_NRM)));

Sorry bout the confusion for that part.

Anyways, I did try moving it, and the only response I got was that it gave
me the &R****/****H &n . . .  source code for the prompt all the time.
I tried moving it to the beginning, the end.  I even tried deleting it.
None of them seemed to fix the problem.

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