Re: [CODE] Meta shop

From: Thomas Larsson (
Date: 01/20/02

Hi all, im new on this list.

I have this odd thing with the meta shop code that
gives me some problems.

The code it self works great, and it all compiles
great. But when someone meta str, wis, int, dex, con
and cha, they get the new stat, but when they type
save there stats return back to normal. But when i use
the set command there stat will remain what i set it
to, up to 25, even when they save. Anyone able to tell
me whats going on.
Does anyone have a fireshield spell they could share
with me ?
Also anyone able to tell me how to use the debug in
visual C++ 5.0 ? If i add colors to my prompt the mud
crashes, the compile works fine and when i login the
colors show up as they should, but the minut i do
something the mud crashes. When i remove the colors
again the mud is fine again.

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