Re: Windows 2000 server

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/21/02

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Sean Holt wrote:

>On Monday, January 21, 2002, at 05:41 PM, Thomas Larsson wrote:
>> ANyone ever had problems running a mud on a win 2000
>> server ?
>Well, first of all it is a Microsoft of course there's going
>to be problems. Secondly, CircleMUD was never REALLY intended to be
>compiled/run in a Windows system.

It wasn't? Now, I'm only a developer, but I don't think Jeremy's work to
get CircleMUD compiling on Windows was an accident.  In particular,
Patchlevel 11 has a lot of that work.

>Recently, people have been requesting more and more support for Windows
>so the developers have been trying to get windows support in. So,
>basically it's a WIP (work in progress).  There are still bugs in this.

        Over 5 years ago (April '96)
        I believe patchlevel 11 took care of that.
        We broke Cygnus a few patchlevels ago but that's because it was
        giving us "\r\n" in string functions instead of "\n".

>> When i have none of the above installed, it still
>> crashes not so often though with a memory error:
>> The instruction at "0x0046b9c0" referenced memory at
>> "0x00000005".
>This is an invalid memory address, usually caused by free()'ing a
>pointer two or more times.

The above error is due to trying to dereference a NULL pointer to a
structure.  That's the reason you see "0x00000005", because it tried to
access some structure member (offset 5) of the NULL pointer (0x0).

George Greer

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