Re: [CODE]jail/spec_proc

From: Josh Harris (jharris2@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: 01/21/02

Ok, I do have it semi-working so far.  The code snippet you gave me helped
some.  The jailman does stop them from walking east, until you tell him.
The problem is, you can tell him anything (hi, ..., look, how are you),
and I would like it to just go on "hall of records"  Also, I think I'm
missing something, because the code in the last reply does set it up with
an affection for a temporarily period, but if you do a stat on the
character it says (1hr) !UNUSED!              SETS ALLOWPASS
and it also says when the spell wears off it says !UNUSED! (I've seen the
code somewhere in for this, just can't find it again, even with search at
least for the where off part).

I used the code in the previous reply and I think I only added the defined
stuff in spells.h and structs.h, and constants.c to it, so if anyone could
help me solve this, it would be appreciated.

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