From: Josh Harris (jharris2@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: 01/21/02

Circlemud bpl17 w/ Oasis OLc
Windows 2k

Ok, first of all this was my idea that I need help with.  I have
implemented the jail command from the circlemud ftp site, and I want to
take the jail command a bit further.  I have created a mob called jailman
on OLC in my mud.  I am trying to get this jailman to open a door for one
person whenever he is told a specific string of characters. And then closes
either after a couple seconds or after he passes through the door. For

tell jailman Hall of Records
in return the jailman would send to the char
tell NAME You may enter the Hall of Records now

The problem I'm having is that when trying to write the code I don't
understand how to get it to search through the tell command for a certain
command everytime the jailman is told something.

This is my SPECIAL(jailman) so far, I had other *buf's commented out is why
they aren't on here.


  const char *buf  = "The jail guards tells you you cannot pass through!
  const char *buf6 = "The jail guard will not allow $n to pass.\r\n";

  if(!IS_MOVE(cmd)) {
    return (FALSE);

<--SNIP -->

I have tried adding stuff to the IS_MOVE cmd thing and tried adding if

and neither of them have stopped me from moving anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated. . .thanks. . .

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