Re: error when connecting to mud

From: Martijn Schoemaker (
Date: 01/22/02


There is also a solution called port forwarding. The front-end router serves
every request sent to you internet IP address. If you can configure your
adsl router to forward connections to some ports to another address/port
conbination (within your private lan that is) you are in luck. What kind
of ADSL router are you using, and does it serve als your entry point ?

     (Mud System) ----- [ private lan ] ------ (adsl router) ------ [

It might also be that one machine is functioning as your local router to
the internet and the adsl is only functioning as a dumb adsl modem and
the PC connected to the modem serves all requests to your internet IP
address. In that case you must either run your mud in that system which
is acting as the router, or you must enable port-forwarding on that system to
the system running your MUD.

    (Mud System) ----- [ private lan ] ------- [(Router PC) ------ (adsl
modem)] ----- [ Internet]

It al greatly depends on your infrastructure.


Jason Pay wrote:

> There is a solution, (altho expensive prolly) contact your service provider
> and ask for a range of static ip address's (which they can advertise for
> you) and then setup your workstations with these static ip addresses, then
> setup your router to forward packets.

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