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From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 01/22/02

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 12:24:34AM -0600, David Cole wrote:
>I had a little bit of time today to look at do_cast in spell_parse.c, I
>haven't had much time really to ponder it, but at a glance, adding an event
>to do_cast looks a bit difficult? What I mean by an event is:
>c 'armor'
>You start casting a spell.
>casting: *****
>casting: ****
>casting: ***
>casting: **
>casting: *
>You complete your spell.
>You feel someone protecting you.
I put something like that in mine (I assume you mean to have something
like casting speeds for different spells or just a general delay in it)
In a nutshell here's what you need to do, it's fairly simple really.
change do_cast so it handles a linked list, add an element to,
char_data->char_specials, like "struct spell_casting", then add a
function to step through the new linked list, decrement cast_time and
actually cast the spell then.

all do_cast would do would be to add to the linked list.
(not looking at my code right now

The structure needs to be something like:
struct spell_casting {
  int timer;
  struct char_data *victim;
  struct char_data *caster;
  int spell;
  struct spell_casting *prev_casting;
  struct spell_casting *next_casting;

Then in heartbeat you need something like
if(!(pulse % PULSE_SPELL))

cast_list_update will need to reverify targets.

You probably will want to add in some code to prevent casting
another while casting a spell, cancel/remove a current spell when they
try to cast another at the same time, and/or to stop casting a spell.

It went fairly easy to me because I overhauled spells, removed the
spello information from the game to an external file to make things
easier to tweak.  So adding a new field "spell_speed" was fairly simple.

sounds like a lot, but it's only about 50 lines of code including
fluffy act() calls.

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