[NEWBIE] Skills learnable by all

From: Nick Shaw (the_real_rand_al_thor@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/28/02

I was wondering if someone could help me by pointing out whats files i should
change or even what i should do if i wanted to make all the player skills
available to any class(not spells though). Ive been fiddling around but havent
managed to do it. e.g. a warrior could go to a thief teacher and learn thief
skills etc. and how can i set it up that the thief teacher will only teach
and list thief skills, warrior warrior skills and so on. Also how do i get
it to only list the skills you have learnt when you type practice rather than
all the skills available to you. It seems a bit silly to me that you have it
on your list if you havent learned it. And one last thing (since ive been
asking so much), how can i make it so that the magicuser class can practice
both spells and skills, not just one or the other.

Thanks in advance, from a desperate newbie.
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