Re: [NEWBIE] Declaring a new start room

From: Zerin (
Date: 01/28/02

--- Bejhan Jetha <nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Okay I want level 1 players to enter at room 600,
> all i know to do is to go
> into config.c and add "room_vnum newbie_start_room =
> 600;". I'm not sure
> where else to declare it and how to change mortal
> start room so that only
> level 2+ enters there. If anyone could help thatd be
> great.

Basically your going on the smaug/rot/rom aproach of
them entering a newbie skewl of some sort.  Basically
there is two ways of doing this:

A. Grep on mortal start room and look for where it
talks about sending charcters to there start room
then add
if (GET_LEVEL(ch) == 1)
  send_to_char("You return to the land of endless
choices young lad.  You shall be safe under our
  char_to_room (blah blah blah)
if (GET_LEVEL(ch) > 1)
{.... char to room and all junk and all}

This (edited of course) would go into recall and

B. interp.c (interpeter.c) look for nanny (this is
where it parses the menu and all) and look where it
sends the char to there start room based on lvl.
It does something like this:

varible = mortal start room
if immortal varible = immortal start room
if froze varible = frozen start room

then add something like
if newbie varible = newbie start room

(of course all your own code and if you have problems
copy/pasteing does help ;)

Side Note: I do belive this has been talked about in
the archieves before, be a good idea to check there

"the bard that sometimes didn't feel good"
--- excuse spelling errors as I just got a new
keyboard, bah.

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