Re: Shops

From: John (
Date: 02/02/02

From: "Torgny Bjers" I'm left
> Instead of asking all these *really* simple questions, try to solve
> the problem yourself first.  It is obvious that you do not heed the
> flames and the information given to you, since you keep on posting in
> exactly the same way.  Nobody is that stupid.  So I still think
> you're trolling.
> /Torgny

Torgny, I have learnt to delete anything that comes from this dude. The
problem is, it comes up when someone else responds to his questions :(

The standard of questions is dropping at the moment and it appears to be
encouraging some others to follow suit. Something needs to be done about
this otherwise we will end up having half the posts being stupid simple
questions, and the other half will be flames.

And no, you do not want to hear my solution to this ;p

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