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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 02/02/02

Ramsey Stone wrote:
>Greetings All,
>     I am making a simple mud, and I decided that I wanted to add
>only one other language. Now,
>the only thing is, I want it to be scrambled, and I want it to make
>sense. Here was my idea:
>Alright so theres to languages, English, and Al Bhed(some of you may
>recognize that one).
>Now, when people who speak english see Al Bhed, and vice versa, I
>want it to be scramble. But I
>want it to make sense. Like, The letter A in english is Y in Al
>Bhed. And then, people can learn
>letters in Al Bhed, and the other way around. So, say the message
>was: Hi How Are You.
>And You knew the letter H. It would come out:
>Hg Hjk Fsd Oui
>Thats not exactly what the language is, but can you see where Im
>going? It automatically
>translates the letter H for them, since they know it. Here are my
>arrays for english and
>Al Bhed alphabet:
>Does anyone know a way that I can do this? Ive already got the
>learning system down, I just need to
>know how to scramble it and translate only certaint letters. Any
>help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can probably use the language snippet by Frollo to do this.
Check the developer site for that, you should be able to adapt it
your needs.


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