Re: set command

From: Cheron (cheron@ARCANEREALMS.ORG)
Date: 02/02/02

>> well set hit, mana and move dont work.. and they havnt since i got it..
>> i also downloaded a few other circlemuds
>> from the website and it dont work on them either

>Are you trying to set them higher than max{hit,mana,move}?  That's the
>only case I've ever seen of them not working

I think what you want is to use set maxhit, set maxmana, or set maxmove,
rather than just hit, mana, or move.  If you set just the regular ones, all
it will do is set the character's *current* hit/mana/move, and if this is
above maxhit/mana/move, then on the next tick, the mud will automatically
set it to the max, and it will appear the set did not work.  If you change
the maxhit/mana/move, it will be a permanent change, provided your
save_char function is working.

Once you set maxhit/mana/move, you will want to either 'restore' the
character to bring the hit/mana/move up to date, or else use the set
hit/mana/move to give them the amount they should currently have.

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