Languages, HELP!

From: Ramsey Stone (
Date: 02/02/02

Greetings All,

    I am making a simple mud, and I decided that I wanted to add only one other language. Now,
the only thing is, I want it to be scrambled, and I want it to make sense. Here was my idea:
Alright so theres to languages, English, and Al Bhed(some of you may recognize that one).

Now, when people who speak english see Al Bhed, and vice versa, I want it to be scramble. But I
want it to make sense. Like, The letter A in english is Y in Al Bhed. And then, people can learn
letters in Al Bhed, and the other way around. So, say the message was: Hi How Are You.
And You knew the letter H. It would come out:
Hg Hjk Fsd Oui

Thats not exactly what the language is, but can you see where Im going? It automatically
translates the letter H for them, since they know it. Here are my arrays for english and
Al Bhed alphabet:

Does anyone know a way that I can do this? Ive already got the learning system down, I just need to
know how to scramble it and translate only certaint letters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                                                                              Ramsey Stone

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