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From: David Mcken (
Date: 02/03/02

by any chance do you have a formula that explains how
the THAC0 and saving throws are used
(I am also changing and adding spells so I want them to
have a certain saving throw when they get a spell
i.e. when they reach a level and get a spell that
increases defense I will decrease the saving throw)

About the builder I am doing the building and I want
a program to assist me as I don't enjoy editing the
world files by hand in notepad

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>>Subject: [CIRCLE] Questions from a newbie
>>Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 14:13:05 -0500
>>I just implemented a sacrifice command into my mud
>>and would like some advice about adding levels
>>what is the THAC0 and saving throw ?
>>(i mean that in terms of game play)
>>what values should I set them to if my implementor
>>is level 100 and gods don't begin until level 75
>Thaco is the modifier one gets to their hitroll to hit armor class
>0.  If you've got 75 levels for mortals I suggest giving a point of thaco
>every 3 or 4 levels or so for a fighter type.
>Saving throws are the modifiers one gets when they try to resist
>a spell (usually though it can affect other things as well).
>Check to see what their current saves are (class.c or magic.c depending
>on what version of circle you use). Look for SAVING_SPELLS.  I'd suggest
>dividing that number by 2 or 2.5 if you have 75 levels.  Not sure what
>you've got right now though.  But follow the general scheme that's shown
>in that part of the code.
>  Let me know if you need further explanation.
>>also I am curious about where I can get a good
>>world builder (I am taking care of both building and
>You're best off posting on the newsgroups and on the mud connector.
>Good builders are hard to come by, especially before a mud is open
>and has few players.  Most of the builders that you do get probably
>won't even finish a zone before they quit.  Post what your mud is
>all about and what you plan to do with it, and hope that someone is
>interested.  Chances are though you'll have to do most of the building
>yourself until you've got a solid playerbase.  Once you've got players
>They'll be interested in seeing the mud grow so they can get better
>equipment and have new areas to explore, and that's really when you'll
>start getting some builders.  Until then, good luck.
>Steve Squires
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