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Date: 02/03/02

>From: David Mcken <>
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>Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] Questions from a newbie
>Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 15:23:11 -0500
>by any chance do you have a formula that explains how
>the THAC0 and saving throws are used
>(I am also changing and adding spells so I want them to
>have a certain saving throw when they get a spell
>i.e. when they reach a level and get a spell that
>increases defense I will decrease the saving throw)

The forumlae are located in fight.c for thaco.  Do a search for
"calc_thaco".  Your saving throw formulae are located in magic.c.
search for the function mag_savingthrow.  You can easily have spells
change saving throws in mag_affects, by making the location
APPLY_SAVING_SPELLS (for example) and the modifier a negative number.
For saves negative is good, positive is bad.  To affect hitroll make
the location APPLY_HITROLL and make the location a positive number.
For hitroll (modifier to thac0) positive is good, negative is bad.

Here's a snippet of what one spell looks like.

  case SPELL_BLESS: // Case of spellnumber SPELL_BLESS
    af[0].location = APPLY_HITROLL;  // Location is hitroll
    af[0].modifier = 2;              // Modifier is +2 to hitroll
    af[0].duration = 6;              // Lasts for 6 ticks

    af[1].location = APPLY_SAVING_SPELL;  // Location is saving_spell
    af[1].modifier = -1;                  // modifier is -1 to
                                          // saving_spell
    af[1].duration = 6;                   // Lasts for 6 ticks

    to_vict = "You feel righteous.";      // Victim sees this message
    break;  // End of case SPELL_BLESS

>About the builder I am doing the building and I want
>a program to assist me as I don't enjoy editing the
>world files by hand in notepad

  You want to patch in some form of olc (on-line creation).  Some people
like oasis some don't, it's up to you.  It's quite possible that your
mud already has it though.  And if not, you might be best off restarting
(if you haven't got much done yet) with a source that already has
oasis and dg_scripts in.

This link has patches that contain dg scripts and oasis olc in
them.  It might not patch cleanly though depending on what you've
already done and what version of circlemud you use.

If you look around you might also be able to find a source of circlemud
with all this already in it, though I don't know of any offhand.

Hope this helps you.

Steve Squires

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