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From: Zerin (
Date: 02/03/02

--- Stephen Squires <> wrote:
> You're best off posting on the newsgroups and on the
> mud connector.
> Good builders are hard to come by, especially before
> a mud is open
> and has few players.  Most of the builders that you
> do get probably
> won't even finish a zone before they quit.  Post
> what your mud is
> all about and what you plan to do with it, and hope
> that someone is
> interested.  Chances are though you'll have to do
> most of the building
> yourself until you've got a solid playerbase.  Once
> you've got players
> They'll be interested in seeing the mud grow so they
> can get better
> equipment and have new areas to explore, and that's
> really when you'll
> start getting some builders.  Until then, good luck.

Another thing about builders is that you only want to
hire two to three really good ones. Most of the really
good ones will email you about your standings on the
word "you" and the lenght of the text lines,  etc.
Remember to interview carefully,  get all forms of
contacts (aim, yim, msn, email, etc.) and keep a
running database of who is immortals, and there
standings (write it down if you have to) incase of a
pwipe so you can restore all there charcters.  Set up
default passwords for each so when you pwipe, you can
go and create there charcters with there passwords so
they don't think that you don't love them anymore =P

Like Squires said, build some of your own zones at
first.  There are many win* programs out there that
will let you build them useing a gui so that can speed
up the process.  Make sure you have your levels
out, and the base of the code done.  That way you will
keep builders instead of lose them.  Owe, and don't
just hire people that log on, in masses, they all will
quite.  Check refrences and so on.

I've rambled for quite a while, so I better run of and
beta test some stuff.  Hope it helps

"The bard that is hungry while typeing emails"

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