Re: [Newbie][Help] I came across several problems.

From: George Greer (
Date: 02/05/02

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Abraham Dizon wrote:

>The circle.exestackdump file didn't help me much cause I couldn't locate
>exactly what was causing the crash, but I believe it was from changing
>the vnums for the loadrooms. I kept a backup copy just incase hehe. But
>how do I change the vnums without having a MUD crash?

You'd have to post part of the stack trace.  It shouldn't crash.

>My next problem is mob names. For instance say that a mobs/players name
>was iwantaeatchaboy. Obvisouly that would take too long to type kill
>iwantaeatchaboy. How do I make it so all I have to do is type part of the
>mobs/players name. Like kill iwa; kill iwant; kill boy; kill eat; and
>etc... Need some help with that hehe.

The FTP site has abbreviations, contrib/code/utils/abbrevs.txt

And I think that was "bobwehadababyitsaboy"

>Last but least. Where is the rent/offer command? I can't find those two
>things out of the whole CircleMUD code. Which file is it in? *.c, *.h,
>etc... I want to change the message that you receive when you rent. Well
>thats all. Any help is welcome. Thanks.

mud/circle30bpl20/src/objsave.c:1090:  if (!CMD_IS("offer") && !CMD_IS("rent"))
mud/circle30bpl20/src/objsave.c:1106:  if (CMD_IS("rent")) {

George Greer

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