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From: Bobby Solis (
Date: 02/20/02

>From: "Bobby Solis" <bobby_solis@HOTMAIL.COM>
> > Is there a easier patch for changing GOLD into Coins (copper, silver,
> > platinum)  I found coins.patch on the ftp site.  But too many things are
> > different between the patch and my mud.  For me to understand it, it has
> > correspond perfectly between the patch and my mud.
> >
> >
>Welcor wrote:

>Have you changed a single line of code ?
>Have you got another bpl than the one the patch is for ?
>If you can answer yes to either of those questions, you will never _ever_
>a patch which fits 'perfectly' to your code. I'd suggest you learn how to
>program, by making small changes, adding skills, spells, etc.
>There's a lot of those on the ftp site. Look at them, see what they do, and
>then implement something like them. Same thing goes for the coins.patch;
>look at
>it, see what it does. But don't do this unless you're familiar with the
>In short: (learn how to) read the code, _then_ implement changes.
>[1] Changing gold into coins of different metals isn't a trivial
>task. Save it for when you're a bit more experienced.

Yes alot of the code has changed and yes I have bpl18.
I'm not the greatest code writer but I do know the basics.  But thats
besides the point.  All I was looking for is a patch thats a little more
up-to-date so I don't have to spend hours hand patching this one in.  But
thanks for making me feel like a moron.

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