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From: Zerin (
Date: 02/20/02

--- Bobby Solis wrote:
> Yes alot of the code has changed and yes I have
> bpl18.
> I'm not the greatest code writer but I do know the
> basics.  But thats
> besides the point.  All I was looking for is a patch
> thats a little more
> up-to-date so I don't have to spend hours hand
> patching this one in.  But
> thanks for making me feel like a moron.

The goal of it isn't to make you a moron, it is to
make you a better coder.  Game devolpement isn't easy
even if muds are one of the easiest highly customizble
things out there.  If you want an updated patch, then
use and search, there are a few CircleMUD
patch sites out there, but I doubt you will find
what you need.  I do suggest if you don't have the
to hand patch patchs then you do not use them, if
you change anything, they stop working.  I for one
know that the coins.txt patch is very long, however
I decided against changeing to three forms of gold
due to the amount of strain on the players mind.  I
can suggest a quicker and easier way would just to
rename gold intol credits or something else if you
with to be unique.

Noone here wants to make you feel like an idiot
or a moron, however, sometimes you ask for it.  We
all are newbie coders at one time, so keep your chin
up and you will be fine.

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