Re: I forgot how to repair this

From: Nikolas (
Date: 02/21/02

How can I define "display all", "auto exit" as default?
Thanks! :-)

At some time in the (not future, not present) i saw: "I created my first
Then a i modify somothing near "imm_lvl" for no mortals turno to immortals..
But now i have noticed a "switch to 0 if you dont want to mortalls turn into
In the file config.c:
 * If you want mortals to level up to immortal once they have enough
 * experience, then set this to 0.  This is the stock behaviour for
 * CircleMUD because it was the stock DikuMud behaviour.  Subtracting
 * this from LVL_IMMORT gives the top level that people can advance to
 * in gain_exp() in limits.c
 * For example, to stop people from advancing to LVL_IMMORT, simply set
 * immort_level_ok to 1.
int immort_level_ok = 1;

then... the snippet is a lost of time!?
If only i choose ONE no mortals can turno immortals!???!?!?!

Thanks... Nikolas

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