Re: I forgot how to repair this

From: Alex (
Date: 02/21/02

> How can I define "display all", "auto exit" as default?
look for how that's done in the code, and set them up in the character
creation routines.  doing that is left as an exercise for the reader.

>  * If you want mortals to level up to immortal once they have enough
>  * experience, then set this to 0.  This is the stock behaviour for
>  * CircleMUD because it was the stock DikuMud behaviour.
this was done for 2 reasons:
a) there were so many questions about it over the last few years that
   required answering with code each time, and
b) someone did a snippet about it, and we liked the idea, although didn't
   necessarily like how it was done, so we did it ourselves.

> then... the snippet is a lost of time!?
no, it influenced us to put something similar into the base code.

> If only i choose ONE no mortals can turno immortals!???!?!?!
if you put in '0', you get stock CM behaviour.  if you put in '1', mortals
cannot advance to immortal level by just collecting xp.  someone must use
the 'advance' command to get them there.  if you put in '2', mortals can
only advance to level 29, and must be 'advanced' to level 30.  etc.


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