Re: number() & gate spell.

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Date: 02/22/02

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From: "David Cole" <tiznor@HOTMAIL.COM>
> I find this rather odd, everything compiles great, no errors what's so
> Am I over looking a mundane detail or something? Any help would be
> appreciated.

When you are "look"ing or "enter"ing the gate, are you calling the REAL
or VIRTUAL value of the room from the object? Since zone 0 has the same
VIRTUAL and REAL room numbers (if all the rooms are consecutive), thats
why your first option works but the other options doesnt work.

Its best to save the VIRTUAL room number as object value 0 and then for
"enter" and "look" commands, make sure it takes you to the REAL room
number. This way, when you add more rooms, your destination still works,
as opposed to converting it to REAL room number first and saving it to

Hope this helps.

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