Re: Where the roll stats is?

From: rob tavares (
Date: 02/22/02

Ok, I'm not one of those proliferate flamers who hate newbies but when
you are ignorant by choice when asking a question.... Expect a retort.

You want to change how stats work.
So you realize how large a part of the mud your affecting if you change
any one of them?
do you even know what THACO is? what it does? where its located in the
etc etc etc?
If you didn't even know where to find the stat-assignment then I
question whether you've even read the FAQ's or the documentation or even
skimmed the code much.

You will never be a coder as long as your asking other people questions.
Simple as that.
75% of programming is debugging. whats debugging? but asking yourself
'damn WTH is this mess and how can I fix it'
you won't be able to ask these questions w/o being anything less then
reasonably familiar with the code.

step 1. start alphabetically with the *.c files, skim them all. get a
couple different color'd high-lighters if you printed them all like I
did :P(yes, yes, I know.. but I like having hard copies I can mull over)
or use Win-word or a higher unix-based word processor.

step 2. if you use MSVC like I do, it provides you with a nice list of
the globals and functions. all of them used in circlemud.
write them all down, use windows find or unix's grep to find out where
they're used. how they're used and what they do.

step 3. write some spells, and some spec_procs. change some socials. etc
etc etc

step 4 see step 1. reread the files.

then and only then even begin to think you've got what it takes to
program or more importantly /change/ any of the existing code. (if you
change existing code w/o realizing the scope of its use or its method of
use you WILL end up with a headache and hours wasted. I know, I did it
this way and not only did I get a headache but my dear friend maxim is
still trying to aim a gun in my directions :)


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