Re: src/act.comm

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 02/23/02

>I am finding problems in modifying the part of CircleMUD that treats of
>Gossip, Auction, Shout, etc... in the file " act.comm "
>I changed Gossip  for "speaks openly "
>However, when does anybody use the command Gossip, does it appear "s"
>"speaks openly" (speaks openlys) and does it happen like this also with all
>the other communication commands that I altered... How I do to get rid of
>this "s" that appears after the command that I altered?

If you read the code for do_gen_comm, you would know where it is. Well, here
it is anyway. It should look similar to the following:

  /* first, set up strings to be given to the communicator */
    send_to_char(OK, ch);
  else {
    if (COLOR_LEV(ch) >= C_CMP)
      sprintf(buf1, "%sYou %s, '%s'%s", color_on, com_msgs[subcmd][1],
              argument, KNRM);
      sprintf(buf1, "You %s, '%s'", com_msgs[subcmd][1], argument);

    act(buf2, FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_CHAR | TO_SLEEP);

/************* THIS LINE *************/
  sprintf(buf2, "$n %ss, '%s'", com_msgs[subcmd][1], argument);

  /* now send all the strings out */
  for (i = descriptor_list; i; i = i->next) {

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