New Bitvector Field

From: Bejhan Jetha (nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 02/23/02

I went over the limit of 32 bitvectors, and I decided that instead of
upgrading my bitvectors to 64  I would create a new field, and split the
PRF field from preferences and then another one called comm (communication)
where I put all the communication preferences (such as nogossip, norepeat).
I grepped all the header files for prf, PRF, and pref. I went into all of
the header files, copied the prf, PRF, or pref and changed it to comm. Then
I went into act.other.c and changed all of the new comm ones into
comm_flagged and example comm_nogossip, instead of the original prf. I also
went into act.comm.c and made neccessary changes. Now I get an error that

act.comm.c:1589: structure has no member named `comm'

I'm not sure what this means, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me
what I'm missing or direct me to a place where it explains how to add new
bitvector fields.

Thank you,
Bejhan Jetha

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