Widerness/overhead/ascii map

From: Christopher Daly (c.daly@verizon.net)
Date: 02/24/02

Hi, let me start by saying I've read the archives, and I know this has
come up a bit before.

I want to implement a typical wilderness mapping system onto my mud.  I
was wondering if anyone who has done it before could list some of the
concepts I should be watching for when I try to relate regular rooms to
the wilderness rooms and also when I try to do things like movement,
combat, and other typical functions in the wilderness.

I was thinking of making an array with at least one code letter to
specify the terrain type.  It might have more information that could be
used to generate generic descriptions (hey It's only wilderness,
right?).  What I'm wondering though is do these rooms get stored with
all the other regular rooms, or do you give them a separate structure
and relate them somehow?

I'm still doing research into it, and the archives have been helpful,
but I'd really like to talk to someone who has done it, and would not
mind sending a couple emails back and forth while I work out the best
way to do it.

Thanks in advance

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