Re: Widerness/overhead/ascii map

From: paolo greco (
Date: 02/25/02

Christopher Daly wrote:

>I want to implement a typical wilderness mapping system onto my mud.  I
>I was thinking of making an array with at least one code letter to
>specify the terrain type.  It might have more information that could be
>used to generate generic descriptions (hey It's only wilderness,
>right?).  What I'm wondering though is do these rooms get stored with
>all the other regular rooms, or do you give them a separate structure
>and relate them somehow?
>Thanks in advance
I've done it for a couple of muds here in Italy.
It's very memory-efficent (at startup it needs just an array of terrain
types, one for each room) cause it adds rooms to world[] just when they
are needed (a little fals, but not entirely) but not so CPU-friendly:
when you look for a wilderness room using real_room() you have to do a
linear scan of the already-allocated wilderness rooms.
Still better than existing solution for array-room based muds. For
example ROMs use a list for room, so you could insert the room in place.
Unfortunately i've lost my scsi HD, so i don't now when the snippet will
be done, but someday it will be =)
  Paolo Greco

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