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Date: 02/27/02

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:25:25AM +1100, John was heard to say:

> PS: I actually long for a debug question to pop up one day, instead of
> all these questions that indicates sheer laziness.

But debugging code requires the exact same skills as finding out how code
works in the first place.  Ok, so you're using those skills to find out
why it's *NOT* working, but it's still the same skill. <G>

1.  *READ* any and all error messages.  They almost ALWAYS give you
    a place to start (error in spells.c:1503 tells me to check line
    1503 in src/spells.c for some kind of glaring error, for ex.).

2.  If the fix isn't obvious (missing quote/parenthesis/bracket, &c.)
    try and find the last thing that DOES work, and see whats next
    and why it may not be working.

3.  Repeat step 2 as needed. <G>

[apologies for the lack of circlemudness in this post.  Time for bed, and
 my mud has no problems that are not implementer induced at this time]


Larry Robinson

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