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Date: 02/28/02

From: "John Martira" <JohnM@COMPUTOPIA.COM>
> Okay despite the possibility of coming across as a lamer

Sorry, but this is definitely a question that makes you look like a

> When using the who command you get an output that looks
> like this (depending on which variant you use, of course)
> 23 [34 Mu] Lionfire the Octarine Implementor
> Now that we are all on the same page.
> The block with the level and Class of the player,
> in this case level 34 Magic-User, can be altered.
> I have seen IMPS on other muds edit this block to
> say things like [TheMan] or something along these
> lines. Is this part of the stock circlemud code
> to edit this during game play?

Have you looked at the code??? Why are you asking us if its stock code??

> Or is there a snippet?

Or you just want someone to do the work for you?

> Or perhaps it is simply something they added on their
> own?

Errr, why dont you look at do_who instead of making yourself look silly?

[Useful Info]
For those that think a particular command is not groovy enough and needs
to be modified, the best place to start looking for where the code
reside will be at interpreter.c
eg. grin --> looking at the table, it calls up do_action (which is, as
you know, a social).
eg2. backstab --> do_backstab

Now you know the function, hey, grep do_backstab or whatever and voila,
you know which file it is in (For those with MSVC++, do a edit-->Find in

Now finally, study what the heck the code means. Then type the command
on the mud to see the output and see if you can follow the flow of the
code again to understand why the output is the way it is.

PS: I actually long for a debug question to pop up one day, instead of
all these questions that indicates sheer laziness.

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