From: John Martira (
Date: 02/28/02

Okay despite the possibility of coming across as a lamer I've
got to ask this question. I have searched the FAQS and the
contribs and the archives.

When using the who command you get an output that looks
like this (depending on which variant you use, of course)

23 [34 Mu] Lionfire the Octarine Implementor

Now that we are all on the same page.

The block with the level and Class of the player,
in this case level 34 Magic-User, can be altered.
I have seen IMPS on other muds edit this block to
say things like [TheMan] or something along these
lines. Is this part of the stock circlemud code
to edit this during game play? Or is there a snippet?
Or perhaps it is simply something they added on their

Thank you to anyone and everyone that might lend
a hand in this likely simplistic question.


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