Re: Auto Ansi Problems

From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 03/01/02

> Yes, it's because..
> Hope this helps, I gave you about as much information as you gave us.

What he was trying to say, rudely, is maybe itll help on if you tell us what
beta patch level it is, how modified might help, and stuff like that, which
would all help possible. Also, what i suggest is checking your log's, they
are there for a reason. syslog is your current session, and syslog.CRASH is
if the game crashes. the directory LOG is where it keeps a number of other
logs, like badpws and all, and syslog.6 i believe the most recent. Look at
that, and if it comes up with errors, fix them. Maybe if you resend your
request, and give us more details.

Newbies or non-coders are not welcome it seems. We all had to start
somewhere, and that was down right rude... next time, maybe ask... there are
words like Please and Thank you for a reason. Now, Thank you, but I have to

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