Re: Auto Ansi Problems

From: .. incith .. (
Date: 03/01/02

> > Yes, it's because..
> >
> > Hope this helps, I gave you about as much information as you gave
> What he was trying to say, rudely, is maybe itll help on if you tell
us what
Hehe, don't be so uptight ^_^

It was pretty straight-forward, sure, but anyone should realize that if
don't give details about a problem, few, if none, will know what (s)he's
exactly talking about.

> Newbies or non-coders are not welcome it seems. We all had to start
> somewhere, and that was down right rude... next time, maybe ask...
there are
Rude.. ahh, not worth arguing online.
Yes, I was rude.


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