Re: Adding in firearms

From: .. incith .. (
Date: 03/01/02

> Okay I'm having trouble adding in weapons that can shoot on my MUD. I
> the snippet on the ftp sight and it nearly pissed me off. Just to
start it
> off this is what I have:
> OS: Windows 98
> Compiler: Cygwin
> Version: Circlemudbpl18
That's a start.

> I followed what the author said and frankly everything was jacked up.
> managed to add in the look in part. Also I tried adding in the values
> the author didn't mention that in on how to add them but I messed up
> somewhere. I am using the Fireweapon and Missile stuff as well. Any
help is
> greatly appreciated. Well gotta bail laters!
> - Hero
Hmm, let's try this again, in a "non-rude" manner:

Where exactly is it failing, do you have any log(s) you can post? Lines
of errors? What part of it is failing?

Please, newbies, post as much as you can, otherwise we can't help.


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