Re: Lossing levels when dieing?

From: Jeremy Wheeler (
Date: 03/02/02

> > >Also remember that you'll need to "unlevel" them in the delevelling
> > >code. What you will need to do is keep a data structure for each
> > >character that stores point gains for each level they gain; when
> > >someone has to go down a level, you have the right data to put them
> > >back where they were.
> > That would be exploitable.  If you don't get a good level, you could
> > just keep delevelling/relevelling until you get a "perfect" level.
> > I'd say just randomize it as far as stats go.  The real problem would be
> > with practices.  Then again, probably just a flag for "delevelled" in
> > the player struct, then if that flag's set, don't give more prac's or
> > something and clear the flag when they level.

> Nah. Just keep the level logs after they go down a level. When they
> ascend, see if any old gains are attached, and if so, use them and
> don't grant practices.

Another idea is just to give negative practices when delevelling.
The skills don't get lost (major headache avoided), but the ability
to undo/redo a level to perfection is no longer available.


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