Garbage Collection (and response to "Auto Ansi Problems")

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 03/02/02

From: Circle Discussion List On Behalf Of Kevin Dethlefs
: > Yes, it's because..
: >
: > Hope this helps, I gave you about as much information as
: you gave us.
: What he was trying to say, rudely, is maybe itll help on if
: you tell us what beta patch level it is, how modified might


Hmm, that's not what I got out of it.  I think he was saying, briefly,
that nobody here is psychic and can tell a problem without any detail.
It's an age-old discussion; grep the archives for "crystal ball" and
you'll see this statement in various forms.

: Newbies or non-coders are not welcome it seems. We all had to
: start somewhere, and that was down right rude... next time,
: maybe ask... there are words like Please and Thank you for a
: reason. Now, Thank you, but I have to go.

Regarding the "newbies or non-coders" part, I'd have to say that they
*ARE* clearly welcome here, and elsewhere (see the Circle-Newbie list)
as well.  However, I believe it should go without saying that if you're
asking a question about code, you should have some proficiency and
capacity to implement the answers you're given.  I think that's a pretty
fair thing to request.

I've been modifying (ok, for approximately 10 minutes) CircleMUD to work
with libgc6, the garbage collection library.  So far, so good,
everything seems to work well after disabling free and converting the
CREATE macro to use GC_MALLOC() instead of standard calloc().

The CPU usage is a little higher and the memusage is slightly higher,
but neither are very significant.  I was wondering what other people
thought about using garbage collection in C, especially in something
like a MUD.  I just thought it would be something to try out libgc6
with, I've never worked with it before.


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