Re: Garbage Collection (and response to "Auto Ansi Problems")

From: Bejhan Jetha (
Date: 03/02/02

Okay I get the point that I wasn't clear enough, sorry. I don't really
know what I should give information about. But here's a go.

OS - Windows 2000 Proffesional
Compiler - Cygwin
Version - CircleMUD 3.0 bpl 18

I implemented "auto-ansi" by D. Tyler Barnes and what auto-ansi does is
auto-detection at logon. Now we don't seem to have problems as often. So
I think it might just be a memory problem (I only have 128MB RAM), but
we'll see as I'm getting a new computer (or should I say building one)
with 512MB ddr RAM, so if it still gives me the problem then I'll get
back to you.

Bejhan Jetha

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