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From: Zerin (
Date: 03/06/02

--- James & Beth Slate <> wrote:
> I've been running Circle30bpl17 for over month using
> CYGWIN and Windows98.
> I lost my autorun capabilities earlier today.  In
> short, at the BASH prompt
> in the Bash shell I enter ./autorun and CYGWIN
> shifts to an <sh> mode and a
> BASH prompt.  It will no longer run the game.
> Note 1:  The game will still run with the bin/circle
> command.
> Note 2:  The autoscript has worked perfectly and
> consistently for the last
> month.
> Note 3:  I was actually working with a help file
> (info) previous to the
> incident.  <src> was not involved, nor autorun,
> autorun.cmd etc.

I do not use cygwin that much, if at all *hugs
msvs", but I can give you an idea where to begin.
Since your own an win32/nt system, then first open
up the autorun files with notepad, and look them
over.  Make sure everything is stright, you might
want to get a fresh copy of autorun, and over
write your current one, incase anything has corrupted
it.  If overwriteing the current auto-run, or if
the current one is fine, I would start to look into
maybe its cygwin-sided and you might want to do a
install of cygwin.

> Flames will be given due consideration.

Only flame I have is the line spaceing, but we all
make that mistake :P

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