Re: Abbrv

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 03/09/02

Bejhan Jetha wrote:
>  >handler.c: In function `isname':
>>handler.c:87: warning: implicit declaration of function `single_isname'
>I also noticed this bug. D Tyler Barnes kindly rewrote the code. I'll
>post it here for anyone who wants it:

You've never heard of prototypes?

One good way to be sure that all functions can reach each other in a
file is to prototype them at the top of the file, look at any stock
file, such as db.c, under "local functions".  That's the prototyped
functions.  That way function A can call function B anywhere.  If you
do not prototype your functions then function A cannot call function
B since function B is below it in the code, but function B can call
function A since it is above function B.

You really should pick up a book or read some stuff on the net about
basic C programming.  I know; I never read anything either, except
for a long and tedious document on pointers, since that was the main
thing that really confused me.

Kind regards,


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