Re: Mud Buffer and Missing Ticks

From: Artovil (
Date: 03/14/02

At 20:31 2002-03-13 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>   I'm noticeing a severe problem with the mud that
>I operate.  Whenever the server (win2k proffesinal,
>msvc 6.0) goes under heave stress the mud begins
>missing ticks.  My idea on this is that the mud
>is missing ticks because not enough memmory for
>it allocate itself into.
>This is what the mud prints when a tick is missed
>(and the mud basically stop then)
>:: SYSERR: Missed 43 seconds worth of pulses.
>:: SYSERR: Missed 34 seconds worth of pulses.
>:: SYSERR: Missed 38 seconds worth of pulses.
>:: SYSERR: Missed 34 seconds worth of pulses.
>I can't really think about how to allocate more
>memmory to it myself, if thats even it.

I'd say it is a processor problem, since the mud is already allocated in
the memory, and that memory size doesn't change much.  If you have a lot of
other tasks that have high priority/affinity, then they might steal all the
juice from the MUD and the mud "freezes" and misses pulses.  You get the
same effect if you run a debugger and freezes it (i.e. by pressing CTRL+C
in gdb for instance) and then make it continue again.

I'd say that W2K is not the optimal platform for a mud to run on.
especially if your computer is not fast.  If I were you, I'd get a smaller
computer (just about any Pentium is often enough, unless you're running a
very large mud) and install Linux on it.


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