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From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 03/15/02

I'm adding a sex - group. However, I found a problem I had trouble solving.
#define HSHR(ch) (GET_SEX(ch) ? (GET_SEX(ch)==SEX_MALE ? "his":"her")
#define HSSH(ch) (GET_SEX(ch) ? (GET_SEX(ch)==SEX_MALE ? "he" :"she") :
#define HMHR(ch) (GET_SEX(ch) ? (GET_SEX(ch)==SEX_MALE ? "him":"her") :


#define HSHR(ch) (GET_SEX(ch) ? (GET_SEX(ch) == SEX_GROUP ? "their" : \
                        (GET_SEX(ch)==SEX_MALE ? "his" : "her")): "its")
#define HSSH(ch) (GET_SEX(ch) ? (GET_SEX(ch) == SEX_GROUP ? "they" :  \
                        (GET_SEX(ch)==SEX_MALE ? "he" : "she")) : "it")
#define HMHR(ch) (GET_SEX(ch) ? (GET_SEX(ch) == SEX_GROUP ? "them" :  \
                        (GET_SEX(ch)==SEX_MALE ? "him" : "her")) : "it")

but with this change, I would encounter grammar problems.
Examples of the problem:
$e is here.
He is here. | They is here. -> Should be "They are here."
He was here.| They was here.-> Should be "They were here."
He wasn't---| They wasn't----> Should be "They weren't---"
He has this.| They has this.-> Should be "They have this."
He hasn't---| They hasn't----> Should be "They haven't---"
He attacks. | They attacks. -> Should be "They attack."

Working examples:
He will be. | They will be.
He can be-- | They can be--
He would--- | They would---
He could--- | They could---
He should-- | They should--
He did this.| They did this.
He blocked. | They blocked.

I need a solution for fixing this while parsing the string in perform_act().
Is there a simple solution? Checking for those "is", "was", "isn't",
"wasn't", etc and replacing them... else check for "will", "would", "can",
"could", etc and continuing... else check for 's' at last letter of next
word and remove it. I guess that isn't too hard, but its not very fun to
play with string pointers. Help would be appreciated.

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